Monday, April 23, 2018
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Home Modifications and Repair

Our Help for Homes projects with our local government partners are at the heart of the Home Maintenance & Repair program. A handful of local cities underwrite many of the costs associated with repairs that improve safety and/or address code-related concerns. To learn more about the grants and funding available through Help for Homes, go to the municipal and county partnership page.

Serving as the ‘cornerstone’ concept on which the organization was created, Brothers Redevelopment has used its Home Maintenance and Repair Program to repair and refurbish the homes of tens of thousands of disabled and elderly homeowners throughout the Denver metro area.

Through the effort, Brothers Redevelopment primarily coordinates repairs that improve in-home safety and mobility for clients--from the construction of wheelchair ramps to minor electrical and plumbing repairs. Because we strive to help our disabled and elderly clients maintain and remain in their homes despite their physical and financial limitations, the repairs are generally completed at or below the cost — and our agency does all it can to secure funding sources on behalf of its clients, as with our local government partnerships. It is through these partnerships that  Brothers is able to improve housing conditions for low-income clients while stabilizing neighborhoods across the Front Range.

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